Andy Buffler :  Research

Applied nuclear physics, with a focus on radiation metrology, and also research aspects of tertiary physics education.

Publication list    ɸ     Research students   ɸ    Inaugural lecture (2014)        

Applied nuclear physics

Experimental work is undertaken at UCT and the facilities of the iThemba LABS, near Cape Town. 


Tertiary physics education

Physics education research tools
 (developed mainly in collaboration with Saalih Allie and Fred Lubben)

PQM:  The Physics Measurement Questionnaire:
  PMQ1 : Pre-instruction questionnaire   ɸ  Coding schemes
  PMQ2 : Post-instruction questionnaire   ɸ  Coding schemes

VASM:  Views About Scientific Measurement Questionnaire:
  VASM10    ɸ  VASM coding schemes

Teaching laboratories:
  Example of laboratory report assessment schedule.
  Examples of context-rich laboratory tasks

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